Administration Office:
15992 Milton Ave.
P.O. Box 308
Lake Milton, Ohio 44429
Office: 330-538-0078
Fax: 330-538-2030

Our Schools

The Jackson Milton Schools K-12 are brand new buildings, having opened in September 2009.  We are proud to say that our technology is superior to any in the Mahoning County Area.

In addition to the regular curriculum, we offer AP courses as well as Consumer Education.  We are quite proud of the fact that Jackson Milton has received many awards in the arts.  Our premier sports are Volleyball and Wrestling, and your student can choose any one of our 16 varsity sports.

One program that has become quite popular involves your student attending College for half of the school day and the other half day at Jackson Milton High School.  All is funded by the State of Ohio.  We are looking forward to the library to be erected on school grounds and will be available for the community to use.

The future of the Jackson Milton School District is so bright with promise.

Check it out for yourself at our website:  Jackson Milton K-12 School Website